La Via Campesina Members Meet in Zimbabwe to Defend Farmer’s Rights

ImageAs members of La Via Campesina, African men and women farmers came together this month in Zimbabwe to strategize ways to defend themselves against the corporate control of seeds by transnational companies. The gathering provided a platform for small-scale farmers to hold discussions and formulate actions to help defend their seeds against current corporate attacks. According to La Via Campesina’s press release, “We reject the push for technologies within the frame of the green revolution…It is yet another attempt of TNCs to conquer new markets. As Africans, we refuse to be the new playfield of agribusiness and become seed slaves for the corporations…”
AGRA Watch stands in solidarity with La Via Campesina’s commitment to reclaim farmers’ autonomy! It is imperative that seed sovereignty and farmer’s valuable knowledge of saving, sowing, selling and exchanging seeds is respected and upheld.

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