The African Centre for Biosafety Releases New Report Critiquing AGRA



The African Centre for Biosafety (ACB) recently issued a critique of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa’s (AGRA) report, “Africa Agriculture Status Report 2013.”

The ACB’s report, “Giving With One Hand and Taking With Two: A Critique of AGRA’s African Agriculture Status Report 2013,” sheds light on AGRA’s rejection of agroecological solutions to food production. Instead, ACB asserts that “solutions” proposed by AGRA draw resources away from farmers and communities to benefit agribusiness. As stated in the report, “The analysis of AGRA’s ‘Africa Agriculture Status Report 2013’ reveals that AGRA’s vision is premised on Public Private Partnerships in which African governments will shoulder the cost and burden of developing regulatory procedures and infrastructure to enable private agribusiness to profit from new African markets.”
In conjunction with the African Centre for Biosafety, AGRA Watch stresses the necessity of shifting toward agroecological production methods as a way of improving the sustainability of our current food system.
To read ACB’s full report, please visit

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