Calestous Juma Speaks in Favor of Industrial Ag at UW


Harvard University Professor of international development,  Calestous Juma, spoke at the University of Washington recently about the benefits of using science and technology to positively transform African communities. Juma makes this case in his new book The New Harvest, where he notes that Africa is already doing organic farming and it is not working. Among Juma’s critics was AW’s own Phil Bereano who asked Juma about the influence of outside political and economic forces pressuring Africa towards high tech industrial ag solutions. Juma deflected Bereano’s question by responding about his needing to be secret regarding HIS behind-the-scenes political work done with African leaders, so Paulson’s account of the story is inaccurate.


One thought on “Calestous Juma Speaks in Favor of Industrial Ag at UW”

  1. What about the fact that every other attempt to use technology developerd in The West has resulted in more poverty and corruption in Africa?


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