AGRA Watch Supports The Monsanto Tribunal

AGRA Watch/CAGJ is proud to support the Monsanto Tribunal as a Civil Society Organization. this. The Monsanto Tribunal, to take place October 14-18, at The Hague, Netherlands, is an international civil society initiative that aims to hold Monsanto accountable for any human rights violations, crimes against humanity, and ecocide that the corporation has committed. Monsanto’s chemical-intensive agricultural practices pollute the environment, cause major biodiversity loss, threaten food sovereignty, and contribute further to global warming. AGRA Watch welcomes the opportunity to let the truth of Monsanto’s actions come to light.

It’s important to note that the Monsanto Tribunal is not a trial held in the International Criminal Court (ICC). While is it presided over by five internationally renowned judges, it is a truth-finding court intent on assessing the case against Monsanto, damages it has caused under international law, actions related to the crime of ecocide, and to consider an amendment to the Rome Statute establishing the ICC, to include ecocide as a punishable crime.


Over the next few weeks AGRA Watch will delve into how this Tribunal will work, and what it means for the world as a whole.   


Check out the Monsanto Tribunal here.

Read Monsanto’s official response to the Tribunal here.


Click here support the Monsanto Tribunal as an individual.

Click here to support the Monsanto Tribunal as an organization.


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