AGRA Watch holds successful action at Gates Foundation “Food for Good” event

good for whomOn April 5th, the Gates Foundation held a family-friendly event at the Visitor Center of the Foundation’s headquarters, called “Food for Good,” to which they invited several Seattle-based local food justice organizations, such as Lettuce Link, Seattle Tilth, Beacon Hill Food Forest and Fare Start, as well as international groups, including Heifer International and the ONE Campaign. Given the contradictions of the Gates Foundation promoting the idea of “food for good” when they are promoting high-tech solutions dependent on corporate control, CAGJ’s AGRA Watch campaign decided to carry out an action with several components.

First, we carried out a social media campaign, responding to their Twitter messaging based on the event’s name – #Food4GoodSEA – with our challenge to the foundation, asking “good for whom” (#Good4Who)? In addition to regular posts with both hashtags on Facebook and Twitter, we distributed a logo for the campaign (at the bottom of page), directing viewers to also “like” our AGRA Watch page. We were very successful! (If you have not already, please like our page now). Both hashtags were used, #Food4GoodSEA and #Good4Who, on the AGRA Watch page so that when people looked for the event, they also saw our critical or questioning posts, along with the events’ happenings.

Second, before the event we reached out to every organization that was going to table there, to propose a meeting to tell them about our campaign.  Out of the organizations that we contacted, Lettuce Link and Beacon Food Forest have given us a positive response. Several groups told us they were torn about whether to participate, but decided it was worthwhile to connect to kids and to educate about their work.

Third, in order to alert the Foundation to our concerns, we distributed an online petition pressuring the Gates Foundation to support African-initiated programs rooted in indigenous farming practices, social equity and food sovereignty. Over 70 people signed the petition.

Finally, on the day of the event, we leafleted, sharing information with hundreds of participants. Flyers were generally well-received, with a few very positive conversations with people who were very concerned and supportive.

Overall, it was a great way to get information out to the public. Big thanks to all those who participated!


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