Gates Foundation hosts event to promote “FOOD FOR GOOD.” Find out how you can get involved to ask the Foundation, “GOOD FOR WHOM?”

The Gates Foundation claims to be promoting food for good (#Food4GoodSEA) at their Visitor Center event this Saturday April 5. Members of AGRA Watch are asking the question: good for whom? (#Good4who)
Through the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) and other programs, the Gates Foundation promotes industrial farming, inappropriate technologies, and pro-corporate policies that will make things worse for the hungry and small-scale farmers, consumer health, and the environment in Africa. For more info visit the AGRA Watch website.
Here are 3 ways to take action on this campaign:
1. Join us on SAT April 5th, 11-1 PM. We will be leafletting at the Gates Foundation’s Visitor Center ‘Food for Good’ event to educate folks about the Gates Foundation’s involvement in Africa. To RSVP or for more information contact: or 206-405-4600.
2.  Sign this petition to show your support and then share widely!
3. Participate in the Social Media campaign. Here’s how:
Important: Use both hashtags (#Food4GoodSEA and #Good4Who) when posting about the campaign so the Gates Foundation will take note.
  • Like Agra Watch (AW) on Facebook and Twitter
  • Repost and retweet on Facebook and Twitter
  • Read analysis from the AGRA Watch blog, (also posted on AGRA Facebook wall), and tell us what you think
  • Tell us your experiences with “good food” on Facebook and Twitter, or shoot us an email – What does good food mean to you? How can food produce change and good in our world?
  • Remember: Use both hashtags (#Food4GoodSEA and #Good4Who) when posting about the campaign.
Thanks for participating! Questions? Contact or 206-405-4600.

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