G8: New Alliance to Improve Food Security or Recolonize Africa?

ImageAlthough in theory the G8 Alliance is designed to reduce poverty through investment and increased capital, a new article published by the Guardian discusses how, in actuality, the Alliance paves the way for agribusiness and leaves smallholder farmers behind instead.

Dubbed as a new form of colonialism by critics, the G8 has opened African markets to commercial farm contracts, changes in seed, land and tax laws to favor private investors.  While easing of export controls and taxlaws make it easier for companies to do business in Africa, farmers, who have largely been excluded from the G8 negotiations, will be pushed to rely more and more on imports.

While supporters contend that the G8 Initiative would increase agricultural growth and farmers’ incomes, which in turn would reduce poverty and increase food security, skeptics argue that negotiations which favor agribusiness to the detriment of smallholder farmers will undoubtedly fail.

To read the Guardian’s full article, “G8 New Alliance Condemned as New Wave of Colonialism in Africa,” please visit www.theguardian.com


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