AGRA Watch Educational on March 20th: Biopiracy and Seed Sovereignty

Biopiracy and Seed Sovereignty: AGRA Watch Educational
THURS, March 20, 6:30 – 9pm
Location: Rochdale Room, Central Co-op Admin Office Building, 1900 E Madison Street
(3 blocks East of Co-op store)
All are welcome!  Event is free, and refreshments will be provided thanks to Central Co-op!
RSVP’s appreciated but not required.
International law is facilitating the appropriation of Africa’s genetic wealth, and the Gates Foundation is helping to pave the way.  African farmers who are resisting the “new green revolution” call for Seed Sovereignty – their right to save, use, exchange, and sell their own seeds.
AGRA Watch is pleased to have one of its members, activist scholar Carol Thompson of Northern Arizona University, in town to lead a discussion on this topic. Carol has partnered with a Southern African farmers’ organization for decades; recently they revealed how these international policies may be more threatening to smallholder farmers than even climate change. She is co-author with Andrew Mushita of Biopiracy of Biodiversity – Global Exchange as Enclosure.
For more information, contact AGRA Watch, or call 206.405.4600.

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