Benefits of Genetic Engineering are Often Based Conjecture, Not Science

ImageLast month, the Union for Concerned Scientists published a blog regarding the arguments made by GE proponents for the necessity of genetically engineered crops. Particularly in the context of food production, GE advocates frequently assert that genetic modification will be a viable option to increase the world’s food supply while non-GE solutions will prove to be inadequate. However, according to senior scientist in the Food and Environmental Program at the Union of Concerned Scientist, Doug Gurian-Sherman, there is often a lack of substantive evidence supporting these claims. “Analysis of the coming constraints on food production (like climate change) and the potential of different approaches to improve food production and distribution are needed before any such declarations can be made with confidence,” says Gurian-Sherman. According to Sherman, the effectiveness of genetic engineering is best evaluated if rigorous regulations and scientific testing of GE technologies are conducted by objective third parties.

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