Gates Foundation and Monsanto Push Failed GM Crop on Africa

ImageA report by the African Centre for Biosafety (ACB) has confirmed a scheme by the Gates Foundation, in partnership with Monsanto, to force its ineffective genetically modified maize crop, MON810, on Africa. According to ACB, MON810, which failed and was withdrawn from South African markets due to the development of insect resistance, is now being pushed on the rest of the continent. Monsanto is offering their GM crop “royalty free” to Water Efficient Maize in Africa (WEMA), a project funded by the Gates Foundation. As stated by Haidee Swanby, a researcher of ACB, “WEMA is a convenient vehicle for Monsanto to gain regulatory approval for its controversial technology in African countries. However, ‘royalty-free’ seed simply means that resource strapped commercial farmers will get the seed at the same price as hybrid seed, which means that these seeds will be prohibitively expensive. The patents on the gene sequences still reside with Monsanto, and farmers will have to pay premium prices for the GM/GE seeds.”
AW strongly condemns these “philanthropic” ventures which trap farmers in cyclical debt and only benefit the pockets of Big Ag shareholders.
To find out more and read the full report, please visit

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