New AGRA Report Confirms Agenda to Support Agribusiness, Not African Farmers

ImageThe Gates Foundation’s Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) released a 200-paged report earlier this month making AGRA’s push of GM crops in Africa unmistakably clear. According to the Gaia Foundation’s Teresa Anderson, although the report may discuss the necessity of addressing hunger and poverty, it is clear that AGRA’s agenda will cause African farmers to become dependent on agribusiness corporations. “This report clearly indicates their full support for GM crops, and their intention to use their influence to open African doors for Monsanto’s and Syngenta’s patented GM crops,” says Anderson.

The report also discredits genuine concern about GM crops, stating that public opposition to GM crops in Africa is “best described as fear of the unknown.” This patronizing and superficial viewpoint of AGRA has caused a response from many international organizations supportive of sustainable and ecological farming methods such as Greenpeace and the Gaia Foundation–a collection of a few articles can be found at

To review AGRA’s report, “African Agriculture Status Report 2013,” in its entirety, please visit


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