2013 Food Sovereignty Prize Honors Sustainable, Ecological, Community-Based Organizations

The US Food Sovereignty Alliance will honor four groups dedicated to promoting sustainable, ecological, community-based solutions to food insecurity.
Unlike the World Food Prize which granted awards to biotech giants Monsanto and Syngenta, “the Food Sovereignty Prize honors organizations and movements around the world fighting for the right to food for all people and dignity for those who put food on our plates.”
In 2009, Seattle’s Community Alliance for Global Justice was awarded the Food Sovereignty Honorable Mention Prize.
This year, top honors were given to Hatian Group of 4 (G4) and the South American Dessalines Brigade. Honorable mentions were extended to Tamil Nadu Women’s Collective of India, National Coordination of Peasant Organizations of Mali and Basque Country Peasants’ Solidarity of the Basque Country in Europe.

The awards ceremony will be held on October 15 in New York. For more information on the event and prize winners please visit http://foodsovereigntyprize.org/


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