GMOs Will NOT Heal the Earth

Last week, an Oregon corn and soybean farmer, Curt Zingula, issued an opinion piece to the Gazette claiming that “GMOs and science will heal the earth.” Zingula believes that using GMOs, herbicides such as Roundup and insecticides such as Thimec in his farming operation will help heal the earth. However, for those who are familiar with the long-term application of GMOs, herbicides and insecticides, Zingula’s claims show to be incredibly misguided.
Kristof and Stacia Nordin, founders of Never Ending Food, responded to Mr. Zingula’s article and explained that their 16 years of work in Malawi has shown that “GMOs are NOT the way forward… [and] the great majority of the world’s environmental, food insecurity, and malnutrition problems are a direct result of the continued push towards chemical-based monocropped agricultural systems.”

AGRA Watch supports the Nordin’s conclusion that GMOs do nothing to “heal the earth” by “outlawing the time-honored tradition of saving seeds, promoting the use of agrochemicals or locking the world’s farmers and consumers into a dependency upon a centralized food system that is high-input, chemically-reliant, overly-processed and geared towards profit-making rather than the sustainable and ethical stewardship of the earth’s resources.”

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