Connecticut Becomes First US State to Pass GMO Labeling Bill!

Last week, with a unanimous Senate vote and a 134-3 House vote, Connecticut became the first US state to pass a GMO food labeling bill! Although, this decision has enormous symbolic significance, the bill’s passage came to fruition because of a tacked on “trigger” which would require neighboring states to pass similar bills before Connecticut’s law would become effective. According to Food Democracy Now!,”Because of Monsanto’s threats to sue any state that passes a stand alone GMO labeling bill, leaders in the Connecticut House, Senate and Governors office reached a compromise that says GMO labeling will go into effect in Connecticut once 4 other states pass a mandatory GMO labeling. According to the provision, which is meant to insulate the state of Connecticut from an expensive lawsuit, one state must be touching the Connecticut border (New York, Massachusetts or Rhode Island) and that the states in the North East region have a population totaling 20 million.”

Despite Monsanto’s attempts to crush labeling efforts, grassroots activists dedicated to fighting for our right to know what is in our food are being heard loud and clear! AGRA Watch urges consumers to help pass similar labeling bills in other states considering food labeling laws, including Washington’s I-522!

To learn more, please visit Connecticut news.


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