Divesting from Destructive Corporations

In a recently published article, Naomi Klein elaborates on the Gates Foundation’s short-sighted and hypocritical actions. Klein discusses a growing movement pressuring public interest institutions to divest their holdings from corporations which are destroying the public’s general welfare.

As she points out, environmental organizations themselves ought to “make absolutely sure that the money they have raised in the name of saving the planet is not being invested in companies whose business model requires cooking the planet…”

In regards to the Gates Foundation, on one hand, the Foundation claims to fight world hunger, but, on the other hand, the Foundation invests in Monsanto, a corporation notorious for perpetuating hunger and poverty. Another example Klein points out is the Foundation’s nearly billion dollars investment in the oil giants ExxonMobil and BP. According to Klein, “The hypocrisy is staggering: a top priority of the Gates Foundation has been
malaria research, a disease intimately linked to climate. Mosquitoes and malaria parasites can both thrive in warmer weather…does it really make sense to fight malaria while fueling one of the reasons it may be spreading more ferociously?”

AGRA Watch urges the Gates Foundation to not only reconsider the investments they have made in “companies whose business model requires cooking the planet” but to also to divest from biotech companies supporting unsustainable solutions to hunger.To learn more, please visit Naomi Klein’s article “The Giants of the Green World that Profit from the World’s


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