Obama Administration Signs Monsanto Protection Act

Legislation was passed last week to continue funding the US government.
Regrettably, this legislation also included a provision titled the Farmer Assurance Provision (dubbed by critics as the Monsanto Protection Act) which works to protect GE seeds from litigation.
AGRA Watch disapproves of this provision because it allows the biotech industry to evade regulatory and judicial review, therefor, permitting the industry to set its own conditions to sell GE seeds. A blog posted by Doug Gurian-Sherman of Union of Concerned Scientists, states “The so-called biotech rider (S. 735), attached to the continuing resolution in the U.S. Senate, was designed to override successful lawsuits. It would overturn rulings by the courts that have protected citizens from U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) actions that subvert the legal obligations of the agency to protect farmers and the environment.”
The bill is set to expire in six months, and it remains unclear whether or not the provision will be short-lived. However, as Gurian-Sherman asserts, “Once a country throws open its doors to the biotech industry, it can expect a similar effort to weaken regulations for food safety and environmental protection.”
If interested in learning more, a recent Salon article titled How Monsanto Outfoxed the Obama Administration, also discusses how the biotech industry influences government regulations.

One thought on “Obama Administration Signs Monsanto Protection Act”

  1. UPDATE: In response to heavy criticism for not drawing attention to the biotech rider, Senator Barbara Mikulski, chairwoman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, issued a public statement. The Center for Food Safety (CFS) also issued a statement noting that “CFS appreciates the Senator’s public opposition to the rider and is confident that the Senator and her colleagues will ensure the rider is not included in future legislation.”


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