GMOs Not a Viable Solution for Food Security in Nigeria

Nnimmo Bassey, Executive Director of Environmental Rights/Friends of the Earth Nigeria, has authored a paper detailing the myths and propaganda behind the promotion of GMOs in Nigeria. Bassey debunks several myths pertaining to GMOs and states that the fictitious information persists due to the biotech industries’ seizures of policy institutions and regulatory agencies. The paper also challenges claims suggesting that genetically modified foods are substantially equivalent to conventional crops and therefore pose no serious harm to the environment, biodiversity or human health. In this regard, the author asks nations to exercise the Precautionary Principle (please see [])

Bassey contends that food security for Nigeria will not be achieved through corporate control of food but rather through ecological agriculture, a view AGRA Watch also holds.


One thought on “GMOs Not a Viable Solution for Food Security in Nigeria”

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    THis should be the protocol for the whole world – or will they be forced like the rest of us submit to their crap?… and the only ones that are able to eat pure, organic, gmo free food will be the ones that force the rest of us to eat it. Life isn’t fair, but death will be


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