What does the Pioneer/Pannar Seed Merger Mean for South Africa?

 ImageIn a previous post, we covered the acquisition of Pannar, South Africa¹s largest seed company, by Pioneer Hi-Bred, a fully-owned subsidiary of DuPont, a global seed and chemicals company. 
      Since then, the merger has been rejected by a two government competition tribunals, and is still in the appeal process. Although the merger is not yet final, it is important for us all to understand what is at stake for South Africa if this goes through.
  A new report by the African Centre for Biosafety discusses in detail the implications of this merger, and the economic power it will create in the hands of a few. It also discusses why and to what extent the merger will deepen structural imbalances in the South African economy.

Download the PDF of this report from African Centre for Biosafety Website here:


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