FAO and Bioversity International Call For More Sustainable Diets

The FAO and Bioversity International have just released a new book calling for more sustainable diets around the globe, as well as a complete change to the current paradigm of agriculture production. The book, called Sustainable diets and biodiversity, calls for more biodiversity in diets and more consumption of traditional and local foods, both of which can drastically reduce agriculture’s carbon and water footprint, and can better provide nutrients in a diet.
The article about this book makes the note that:
“High-input industrial agriculture and long-distance transport have made refined carbohydrates and fats affordable and available across the globe, leading to an overall simplification of diets and reliance on a limited number of energy-rich foods. But such foods lack nutrient quality and have heavy carbon and water footprints. Cheap, energy-dense foods have also come at the cost of flavour, diversity and cultural connection.”
The full article can be read here:
The book can be downloaded from Bioversity International’s website here:

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