Land-Grabbers Make Many Promises to African Farmers

This two-part NPR series gives an up-close look at the nature of land-grabbing in Africa.

Mozambicans profiled in the story note that large, incoming corporations who have acquired large plots of land in their country make many promises. This includes promises to pay locals for their land, to create new plots of land for the farmers to use, and to improve the local community. These promises have yet to be fulfilled, and farmers from Mozambique are now worried about the limited land and water resources available to them. Stories like these are occurring throughout Africa, notably Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Sierra Leone. Oftentimes African do not have formal control over the land they have been farming for years, so it is difficult to go up against large corporations, especially with no help from the government.

However, African farmers often say they wouldn’t mind sharing land with this large corporations, as long as the corporations keep their promises.

Read the story and listen to a discussion here:
Part 1
Part 2

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