DuPont Acquires Local South African Seed Company

The takeover of South Africa’s largest seed company, Pannar Seed, by Pioneer Hi-Bred, a subsidiary of DuPont, has been approved by the Competition Appeal Court. This overturns a previous decision made by the Competition Tribunal, and puts control of the African seed market entirely in the hands of DuPont and Monsanto (who already coImagentrolled 50 percent of the seed market in South Africa). Proponents of this merger maintain that it will serve to improve the use of technology, and bring advanced research and breeding techniques to Africa. However, Mariam Mayet, of the African Centre for Biosafety (ACB), notes that “This will exacerbate the existing situation whereby farmers are becoming irreversibly disconnected from breeding processes and converted into mere consumers of what they originally collectively produced.”

Read more about this controversial takeover here:

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