Kenyan Newspaper Presents Debate Regarding GMO Education to Youth

The debate over whether Kenya should be required to teach about GMOs in school to promote the technology continues. Kenyan newspaper, the Daily Nation, has published two articles supportive of GMOs as ‘news’–ie apparently objective–while opposition has remained confined to the Op-Ed section. The Daily Nation is the most influential paper in Kenya, and the largest in Eastern Africa.
The first news post entitled “Kenya: Teach about GMO in Schools, Say Educators” was published on Feb 5, and promotes the idea that teaching students about GMOs from a young age will clear up “misconceptions” held by those critical of the GMO movement.
A link to the text can be found here:

A counter argument was published on February 12 in the editorial section, and holds that is is dangerous to promote GMO technology with students, especially because the technology still isn’t fully understood by adults.

Unfortunately, the very next day after the Op-Ed piece was published, another pro-GMO news article appeared in the paper:

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