NEW Radio Stories!

Many thanks to UW Bothell students Deni, Monica, and Brittany (and professor Amoshaun Toft) for working with us last quarter to create their own unique radio stories for the AGRA Watch campaign!!

Story-telling is a powerful organizing tool with the potential to shift mainstream discourse and build movements, and we have really appreciated this opportunity to begin exploring that potential. Check out the story descriptions and follow the links to listen below!

The Green Revolution: A Blessed Welcome or Cursed Method

In this story, UW Student Deni Proto outlines the history of the green revolution in Africa and how the current green revolution, promoted by AGRA, can be understood in a historical context.

Listen to mp3 here (8:19 min, 8.0 mb)

Listening to Learn and Learning to Listen

It seems only logical that when helping someone, one would listen to the person receiving the help.  How else is the problem supposed to be truly addressed?  Unfortunately this simple courtesy is not being given to the small scale African farmers.  It cannot be denied the agricultural system in Africa is in need of positive change. Large groups such as AGRA (Alliance for the Green Revolution in Africa) have formed to address this issue. Unfortunately they are ignoring the voices of the people they are supposed to be assisting.  UW student Monica Hawkins went out to find more information on the alternatives methods of farming which are being posed by these farmers.

Listen to mp3 here (7:01 min, 6.7 mb)

A Better Way

This piece, by Brittany Foster,  features interviews with Travis English and Joshua Machinga, the founder of Common Ground, whom Travis interviewed while doing research in Kenya and is geared toward drawing the audience to action, giving them advice on how to give or volunteer in areas of equality, education and employment, and bio-intensive agriculture.

Listen to mp3 here (6:54 min, 7.3 mb)


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